Our school is committed to providing “Quality Early Childhood Education”, with the principle of promoting the comprehensive and balanced development of children, covering “Character Development”, “Language”, “Physical fitness and health“, “Self and society” and “Arts and creativity” These five development goals reflect the development direction of the five educations of morality, intelligence, physique, social group, and beauty. Let children develop good living habits in the process of growth, pursue learning interests, positive values, ​​and positive attitudes.




“Character Development”:
The school focuses on the development of moral education and has a “moral education slogan” in the school so that children can establish positive values ​​in the school. Teachers add different moral education activities in the daily classroom to train children to obey the rules, care for public property, respect, and care for others, etc., and show good behavior.




Language :
Teachers design different teaching aids or group activities in the course. Through different activities, children can consolidate and review what they have learned, and increase peer communication, mutual exchange, and peer learning.




Physical fitness and health:
Teachers use different physical equipment in physical activities, and design cycle games or group activities to improve children’s physical coordination, muscle flexibility, and peer cooperation.




Self and society:
There are different corners in the classroom so that children can freely choose different corners to carry out activities in their activities. In the picture, children cook food for their peers and share it through role-playing, which promotes interaction and communication among children and makes them enjoy group life.




Arts and creativity :
Before the children perform artwork, the teacher gives different works for the children to refer to. Through the reference works, children can choose different materials or art techniques, etc., and design different artworks by themselves. After each drawing work is completed, the children will also be invited to share their works with their peers, to achieve mutual learning and enhance the children’s artistic talent.