The curriculum of our school is based on the theme of life-oriented learning, which is close to the daily experience, cognition, and interests of children, and runs through the content of six learning areas, providing children with a comprehensive and comprehensive learning experience, which is conducive to children’s learning. The school also organizes various lectures and visits to enhance children’s life experiences. The activities are as follows:



Lectures on Caring for Nature:
During the activity, the children listened carefully to the speaker’s introduction to common insects and birds in Hong Kong, learned about the living habits of animals, protected endangered animals, and cultivated their love for nature and respect for life education.




Fire Safety Talk:
Through the lectures, children can learn about the work, equipment, and home safety of firefighters. During the activity, the children experienced putting on firefighters’ uniforms and simulated firefighting activities, thanking the firefighters for their hard work and ensuring the safety of the citizens.




Visit Ambulance:
During the activity, the children listened carefully to the ambulanceman’s introduction of the equipment on the car and learned about its work, etc., and thanked the ambulanceman for their hard work to ensure the safety of the citizens.




The school also pays attention to the healthy development of children, regularly invites professional dental professionals to check the teeth of children in school, and organizes parent education seminars to teach parents the importance of protecting children’s teeth.